OKC's Trusted Home Staging Company

Eclectic Avenue Styling is a home staging company in Oklahoma that specializes in Vacant Home staging. It is lead by designer Natalie Konan.

Using luxurious, fresh, and unique pieces we create spaces that turn home shoppers into home buyers. Our staged homes show the buyers how they can utilize the space, and present the lifestyle they will live in the home, making the space very desirable.

Our homes often sell faster and for top dollar, and several homes after lingering on the market for months, were staged and sold within two weeks. We maintain our own inventory which is overflowing with furniture, rugs, art and accessories. We are able to furnish an entire home up to 2500 square ft. ( larger homes are quoted for rental or purchase) Every Home has a story let us tell that story.

Natalie’s Story

Eclectic Avenue styling started as a hobby. As a lover of all things design, and an avid painter and up cycler of furniture I had amassed an array of furnishings in my garage. A friend in the neighborhood, asked me to put some of this in her sisters house to  help it sell. They were having a hard time selling it, and two weeks later it sold. A realtor friend heard the story and asked me to also stage a house for her. Again this house sold in under 30 days.

After these two successes I began to collect an inventory and market the idea to friends and realtors. The third house I staged had been on the market for six months, and the investor was desperate to sell. We staged it and it sold two weeks later on Christmas day! Word started spreading, and soon I needed my own storage unit, and trailer to store and move my inventory. I’ve made several great relationships with realtors and investors, and have helped many sell their homes quickly and for higher values.