If you need a little bit of guidance on how to lay out your existing furniture to better help you sell your home, we will help you develop a decorating plan. We are experts in uncovering the hidden beauty of your home. We analyze the style and ambiance of your home, combine that with your personal style, and then plan the rearrangement of your existing furniture and accessories. Once we have worked our redesign magic, your room will be more attractive, functional and spacious feeling.

With our redesign service, you don’t have the expense of purchasing new furniture or additional accessories. By allowing us to reuse your existing things in a new way, we can completely redefine your space. We believe there is hidden potential in all your furniture and accessories. What you already own can usually be rearranged in multiple ways. We use the details of your home and furnishings that you already love and rearrange them to achieve optimal functionality and visual impact.

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